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ALJ Contact Information

The ALJs are able to review messages about settlements by using a 1-800 number, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. The move to OWCH precipitated the need for new email addresses for the WC ALJs. Please note the changes below.

ALJ - Madison Phone Number E-Mail
Roberta Arnold 608-266-1769
Donald Doody 608-267-9889
Hamdy Ezalarab 608-267-2078
Cathy Lake 608-267-5281
Stanley Michelstetter 608-266-6718
John Minix 608-266-1342
Ryan O'Connor 608-267-1414
Andy Roberts 608-261-6552
Roy Sass 608-266-5884
Joseph P. Schaeve 608-266-6814
Mark Shore 608-261-6550
Janine Smiley 608-266-5672
Nia Trammell 608-266-8728
Wally Thurow 608-267-4407
ALJ - Milwaukee Phone Number E-Mail
Aaron Konkol 414-227-4929
Leonard Martin 414-227-4161
Angela McKenzie 414-227-4597
William Phillips 414-227-4027
Nancy Schneiders 414-227-4025
ALJ - Appleton Phone Number E-Mail
Edward Falkner 920-843-5452
Thomas Landowski 920-832-5451